Thursday, June 27, 2013

Climbing with Apes

Okay, I'll admit it -- I tried to lure you with the catchy title. So we weren't climbing with furry primates, but rather my good friend and ex-roommate, April. And these pictures may or may not be from March...that's right, too many months ago to be worth counting. So sue me. At least you're finally getting actual pictures of us climbing instead of those random models I picked for our last climbing post. :)

So, in March, our good friend April came up to visit us in Columbia, and we used one of our guest passes at the gym to take her on her first (I think) climbing trip. She took to it like an ape to bananas ;)

Here are a few of me. I liked this climb because I had to cross over a few wall faces. And the pictures make me look like I'm a legit climber (even if I'm mostly weak sauce and afraid to do crazy climber stuff).

 Here are a few of Todd. Look at those calf muscles! Get it, baby!

And here are some pictures from the last wall we climbed on. Again, it was fun because we were climbing in that corner, going back and forth from one wall to the other. Todd was the photographer, so he didn't get any pictures on this wall.

April was amazing! It was her first time, but she climbed 5 or 6 climbs, each one getting progressively harder. It was pretty impressive. And it was so great to hang out with her. Miss you, Apes!

 And here's me and the love -- perfect climbing buddy.