Sunday, June 29, 2014

Family time

Mom and Dad Robertson flew in last week so they could watch Dan defend his dissertation. This made for several family sleepovers at our place that were accompanied with good food, games, Clark's blessing, and plenty of cousin time. Here are a few of the fun photos:

Clark's first time in the Bumbo:

 Mark getting a little pinchy:

After the blessing:

Clark sporting some of his cute PJs, since he got spit up all over his church outfit:

Friday, June 27, 2014

Memorial Day and Find a Grave

For Memorial Day, when Dave and Trish were visiting, we decided to celebrate by going to a local cemetery and taking pictures of headstones for If you don't know what it is, is a website that is basically a database of graveyards and cemeteries throughout the world. People volunteer to take photos in their area and you can request to have someone take a photo of a grave of your relative or ancestor. It has helped me out a lot of times when I've been doing family history work, so it was nice to be able to give back a little. We all split up and by the end of just about 20 minutes or so, we had taken a lot of pictures. I've uploaded all of them to the database and I think we managed to add over 200 photos.

Poor baby! Houston sure is hot!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Put Me in the Zoo

Clark has become a frequent zoo visitor (twice in 3 months of life is pretty frequent). This is mostly attributed to Dan and Angie having a membership to the Houston Zoo which allows them a free guest. Sweet! We went when Dave and Trisha were visiting and then last week Angie and Mark and me and Clark went to the zoo to celebrate Mark's 1st birthday.

 Directly before this picture was taken, we may or may not have seen a giraffe drink the pee of another giraffe. Houston is pretty hot, I guess.

Me and Dave are posing in front of a tiger...which you can't see. Trust me. It's there. The Houston Zoo has all kinds of cool animals, like tigers.

Here are baby and I posing in front of some real Texas long horns...I think. Their horns were REALLY long.

On Mark's birthday trip, this sea lion was doing some training -- hopping into the water and out of the water and holding still. It was pretty cool.

 This is mostly how Clark enjoys the zoo...asleep.

 This picture was so neat. The bird was just staring right at them. He must know Mark is a sympathetic soul.

The jellies!

Mark kept pointing to each new area he wanted to be taken to. Apparently the fish tank was getting old.

Hanging out with the flamingos. He was actually awake for this part.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Clark's First Beach Day

On May 17th we met up with Dan and Angie (and their ward) at a beach near Freeport, TX. It's a nice beach by gulf standards, but as you'll see, the water is still pretty brown.

Clark did a lot of sleeping, spent very little time in the sun, and never actually touched the water, but he still managed to get covered in sand thanks to constant breeze that runs along the coast.

The water.

Dangie and baby Mark.

Finally getting some sun. And yes, that is a wall of sea weed that's washed ashore.

Not convinced he likes being in the water.

Cute smiles while taking a bottle.

Beach hat thanks to Grandma Wiese.