Monday, July 14, 2014

3 Months...and a few weeks

(Disclaimer: I've been working on this post for about a month, trying to get at the right computer with the right pictures that I want, but I haven't ever finished it with all the pictures. However, I figure I'd better post it now since this 3 month update is now a month out of date)

I've been wanting to do a post about Clark at 3 months, and I figure I better do it quick because his 4 month doctor appointment is coming up soon.

Clark is a great napper, most of the time. He will generally go down without much fuss if I catch him at the right time. He usually takes 4 naps a day. Two long ones in the morning and around noon, one shorter one in the afternoon, and usually a catnap in the evening before bedtime. However, lately he HATES going to bed at night. It usually takes about 3-4 tries to get him down for the night. A "try" includes a parent taking a turn of walking him, singing, holding him, trying different positions, laying him down and picking him up. Usually he is crying for most of this. It's getting really frustrating.

He still is a finicky eater, but it doesn't seem to be deterring his growth or his diaper output. He's recently been leaking most times he goes poop. Fun, fun, fun. I had to take a picture of this blowout because it was one of his record-breaking ones.

Clark is not a big fan of tummy time...which is mostly our fault because we didn't start him on it soon enough (but c'mon, give me a break, the hospital and all the books scare you to death about ever laying them on their tummies because of SIDS, sheesh). However, he's been doing better and getting a lot stronger. It's so adorable to see him perk up his little head like a prairie dog. :) Lately, he's started this new trick of getting out of tummy time by rolling over onto his back. It's mostly accidental and he seems surprised when he does it, but it's getting more frequent.

We can't really leave Clark unattended on the bed or the couch or any other high surfaces anymore. He has started to almost roll over. He can get onto his side, but usually doesn't get all the way to his belly. He also wiggles a lot and kicks his legs, which often results in his scooting himself around quite a lot for a baby that can't crawl.

This boy is a drool king. A slobber baby. A spit up champ. His favorite thing to do that causes the most moisture is to suck and chew on his fist and fingers. Because of this, his fingers, face, and chest all end up soaked after a while. Even when he is sucking on his binky, he tries to stick his fingers in his mouth. Another result of his constant saliva is a little cough. I think occasionally the drool ends up going down the wrong tube. Good thing his cough is the most adorable noise he makes. I really need to catch it on video some day.

He really likes bath time, especially since we swapped out the sling and he gets to sit in the tub now. We have some cute little clips of him in the tub, but I have to figure out how to upload videos didn't work just now when I tried it.

These are pictures after the bath, which he doesn't always love so much. Thanks to Uncle Theron and Aunt Melissa for the adorable shark bathrobe!

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  1. He's soooo adorable! I love you and miss you so much! Can't wait til your next visit!